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Current Office

  • 1,600 sq ft total

  • 413 sq ft leadership development space

  • 85 sq ft reception area

  • 87 sq ft camper infirmary

  • 4 offices, totaling 346 sq ft

  • Poor outdoor gathering/meeting space

  • 24 parking spaces

    • unmarked

    • some spaces steeply sloped

Ministry Hub Project

New Construction

  • 4000 sq ft total (250% increase)

  • 1454 sq ft leadership development space (350% increase)

  • 144 sq ft reception area (170% increase)

  • 156 sq ft camper infirmary (180% increase)

  • 5 offices, totaling 672 sq ft

New Outdoor meeting space

  • comfortable green space

  • aesthetic landscaping

  • appropriate size and location

Parking and traffic flow

  • 35 parking spaces

  • improved traffic flow for safety

Stretch Goal: Lodge Renovations

Dining Hall and Kitchen

  • Dining hall renovation

  • Expanding dining hall 200 sq ft

  • Update tables and chairs

  • Dining hall bathroom renovations

  • Improved service/delivery entrance

Meeting room (AKA fireside)

  • Interior renovation

  • Upstairs bathroom update

Exterior and Utilities

  • Exterior siding and doors

  • Improved utilities and HVAC

  • Added insulation

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New Ministry Hub

Leadership Development Space

  • Large group meeting room (60-person) for staff and volunteer leadership/discipleship training. Also functions as staff lounge during the summer and used for programming and space-for-rent during school year.

  • Small group meeting room (16-person) for leadership/discipleship training, as well as shared work space.

Reception Area

  • Larger capacity for influx of visitors

  • Welcoming, non-chaotic space with obvious traffic flow

Camper Infirmary

  • Larger area to promote safe and comfortable environment

  • Line-of-sight from main office for supervision

Office Space

  • 4 office spaces for immediate use and 1 reserved for additional staff.

  • Future office will be used immediately for counseling room.

New Outdoor Meeting Space

  • Maintain central location

  • Positioned for better audience view

  • Standing room for 160 people

  • Landscaped green space

Parking and Traffic Flow

  • Improved traffic flow for registration and pick up

  • Defined parking spaces to optimize area (35 spaces)

  • Appropriate slope for safety


Dining Hall and Kitchen

  • Expand dining hall and renovate to comfortably seat weekly campers and counselors (160 people)

  • Much needed renovation for dining hall bathrooms

  • Improve service/delivery entrance

Meeting Room (AKA Fireside)

  • Renovation including new carpet, paint, and lighting

  • Update Lodge upstairs bathrooms

Exterior and Utilities

  • Update exterior doors and siding to match new construction of Ministry Hub and reduce ongoing maintenance

  • Add attic insulation to improve efficiency and guest comfort

  • Add high-capacity water softeners to improve water quality and reduce ongoing maintenance

  • Add generator to mitigate risk of power outages

  • Replace upstairs furnaces due to age and to improve efficiency

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Current Funding: $375,000

Gifts needed: $125,000



  • Thursday, March 14, 2019, Looking Forward Campaign Event

  • September 2019 Earliest possible construction start date

  • April 2020 Earliest occupancy for Ministry Hub

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How much do you need before construction starts?

We will be excited to start construction as soon as possible, but from early discussion about this project, our board wanted to avoid long term debt. To start construction we’ll need to raise at least 70% cash in-hand and have the remainder committed through pledges.

Why aren’t you renovating the current office?

The solution for the current office has been the biggest piece of a larger plan for our facilities. The board, operations committee, and staff started the process 18 months ago and spent many hours thinking, praying, and listening to discern how God would want us to approach the need. Renovating the current office seemed possible, but costly for the level of improvement it would bring. Redesigning and rebuilding brought much more value and opportunity for life impact. As we were praying and considering our options, God started to provide. A major gift of $100,000 and several other large gifts and pledges confirmed we were headed in the right direction.

What will you do if you raise more than enough money?

Our first goal is to reach $500,000 to complete the Ministry Hub Project. However, if we raise more, we know exactly what to do with it! Our next step in the long-term plan is to renovate the lodge ($120,000).

What will you do if you don’t raise enough money?

This is the largest campaign we’ve ever taken on. Our hope is to meet our goal by mid-summer so we can start construction as early as possible, but we have a plan if that doesn’t happen. We can slide the break-ground date later into the fall or spring of 2020 if necessary. We will not be able to break ground until we raise at least 70% cash in-hand and the remainder committed through pledges.

What will happen to the current office?

The current office sits on a perfect site for new construction. We plan to demo the current office and rebuild on that site, including using some of it for the outdoor meeting space.

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Immediate Gift

2-Year Pledge Commitment


Thank you for investing in the children of our community for the Kingdom of God!