What about Fall, Winter and Spring?


Snail Mail

Campers can stay connected during the school year through our Snail Mail program. Snail Mail is a Bible study correspondence through the mail or online. Campers start with the first lesson and send it in. We read through their lesson and send them the next one. Each season (fall, winter, and spring) we start a new set of 5 lessons. Each lesson looks at God's word and how to grow in a relationship with Him.

If you do all 5 lessons in a set, then you get invited to one of our FREE Mini Camp weekends in the fall, winter, or spring. Click HERE to start today!

Mini Camps

Mini Camp weekends are SUPER FUN! You can get a free invitation if you do all 5 Snail Mail lessons in a set. Mini Camp weekends are special weekends in the fall, winter, and spring with unique activities and teaching about following God. Some activities may include carving pumpkins, ice skating, flying kites, and more!

Church Linking

Part of our mission is to get kids connected to local churches. If going to church is new to you or if you haven't been in a while, give us a call. We get to know a lot of local churches and would love to recommend one that would be a good fit. Don't have a ride? We can help you find one with one of our church partners.

Home Visits

When the kids go back to school we love to visit campers where they stay, so if you hear a knock on the door, come say "Hi!" We love to hear how the kids are doing and how we can pray for our campers and their families. Sometimes we give away treat bags!