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Super Snail Mail

Snail Mail - lesson 11

We always talk at camp about the “2 true things about the Bible”- do you   remember them?? Well, those true things will help us as we read parts of  Ephesians and see what the Bible has to say!

  Step 1: Go to Church!!!

Wherever you or your parents want to. (If you need help finding one or are having trouble   getting a ride, please call us in the office and we will help! 574-232-8523).


Step 2: Send us your Church Bulletin

Text a picture of the bulletin to with your FIRST AND LAST NAME!


Send the bulletin to Camp Ray Bird in the mail with your FIRST AND LAST NAME!

Step 3: Answer the questions below

Name *

Spring Mini-Camp: April 12-14th (Deadline for lessons April 8)